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From the makers of iPod human and the iNavigator, we now present the Google Glass Human! Check out my 2nd Channel for more vlogs: Follow me on TWITTER for more useless stuff about me Like my FACEBOOK page if you're into that sorta stuff Oh and here is MY SITE... theres not much on it.. but here: OR see some boring pics of me on INSTAGRAM!

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What a waste of my ...

What a waste of my time. Listen Ryan, if you want to become a celebrity, don't copy other people. My family members have committed suicide because you copied us and you had more views. Ryan Higa is a poser and he sucks

Dear Ryan, Are you ...

Dear Ryan, Are you Japanese? Not to be rude, just wondering.

"Good, now call for ...

"Good, now call for help! Calling 4-HE-L. That's not even a real number, just call 911! 11-11-11. No, not 9 different 11s, dial the number 9! Dialing 9. Good, now dial 1 1. Dialing 1. No, not a singular one, you know what I meant, dial two ones. Dialing 11. Great, now that's too many delete one. Which one would you like deleted? Does it matter? No. THEN DELETE A ONE! Deleting all ones. Oh, dam it just add one and another one. 1+1=2. You know what Google Glass Human, I'm done.

fuc]k you nigahiga

fuc]k you nigahiga

No teehee

No teehee



That ending XD

That ending XD

2:43 pause butt ...

2:43 pause butt weight

i want to have one ...

i want to have one so badly!! gg! but ill probably die from the weight... :)) can i hav the black one?

Lol dis is my ...

Lol dis is my favorite video!!!

so funny, i was ...

so funny, i was eating carrots and i literally spit it out ind fell laughing on the floor

"Calling... ...

"Calling... TeeGooglyCoffeeMeat"

Lol one of the ...

Lol one of the funniest things u ever saw . I want one teehee

lololololol troll ...

lololololol troll face



Awesome, really ...

Awesome, really made mr laugh especially the last part @ the park! 

Ok for some reason ...

Ok for some reason Ryan's serious face as a google glass human was the thing that made me laugh!! I mean other things made me laugh too but I mean.. Dat Face Though

Mari he is Asian 

Mari he is Asian 



This was one of the ...

This was one of the most funniest vids I have seen in YouTube 



I love this!

I love this!

Dear Ryan, what ...

Dear Ryan, what would you do for a Klondike bar?

love this vid too ...

love this vid too much! i wont get bored with it no matter how many times i watch it XD



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